Monday, January 16, 2017

How 2 Women Were Fooled by the Top 10 Signs of Infidelity

The top 10 signs of infidelity are highly unreliable when it comes to determining whether or not you have a cheating mate.  Jumping to conclusions based on the presence or absence of a mere 10 signs could prove to be a fatal mistake, as shown by the two “real-life” accounts below.
NOTE:  Names have been change to protect the identities of the individuals involved.
How Dana Almost Divorced an Innocent Man
For months Sal had been acting strangely. Fearing the worst, Dana wondered if Sal could be seeing another woman, so she searched the internet for a list of the top 10 signs of infidelity.
Much to Dana's dismay, Sal, displayed at least half the signs of infidelity on the top 10 list she found.
• Frequent, unaccounted for absences
• Unusual or unexplained charges on the credit card bill
• Suspicious phone behavior (hang-ups, whispered calls, calls taken in another room)
• Money missing from the bank account
• Coming home late from work
Fully convinced now that Sal was cheating on her, Dana was too embarrassed to discuss it with family or friends.  So she quietly found an attorney and made plans to file for a divorce.  Meanwhile, Dana requested a transfer to  one of her company’s branch office in another town, and secretly began laying the groundwork to relocate there in the next 6 months.
However, the following month, for their 10th anniversary, Sal surprised Dana with a lavish anniversary party which included 20 of their closest friends, and told Dana they were finally going on the Mediterranean cruise she’d always talked about.
The telltale signs Dana had mistaken for signs of infidelity were all related to Sal’s anniversary surprise.  He worked overtime to earn enough money to pay for the anniversary party and the cruise.  The “suspicious phone calls” were necessary to make the arrangements and keep them secret, so as not so spoil Dana’s anniversary surprise.    Fortunately, Dana found out the truth before any divorce papers were drawn up and served.  She could have made a terrible mistake.
Why Rachel Was the Last to Know
One day Steve came home from work and told Rachel he wanted a divorce. He confessed that he’d fallen in love with a woman he’d been seeing  on the side for the past year and a half, and she was now expecting his child.
Rachel was in complete shock. She was totally taken by surprise because Steve had never displayed any of the classic signs of infidelity.  So Rachel was the last to know.
Bewildered, totally traumatized, and desperate to understand how this could have happened behind her back, Rachel searched the Internet for answers.  She came across an infidelity book entitled Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs  which she immediately ordered since she was anxious to know what signs she could have possibly missed.

Before she had even gone a third of the way through the book, Rachel found dozens of subtle signs of infidelity she had actually seen, but never realized that they were indications that Steve was having an affair.  

As you can see from the two real-life stories above,  the so called “top 10 signs of infidelity – or lack thereof can be an extremely unreliable way to determine whether or not  you have a cheating mate.
Finding one or more of the classic signs of infidelity may not necessarily mean your partner is having an affair.

Not finding any of the classic signs of infidelity does not guarantee that you have a faithful mate.

Don let this happen to you.

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