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How 6 Cheaters Got Caught on New Year's Eve

If you think your mate is cheating on you, New Year’s Eve is a good time to confirm what you suspect, as indicated by the 6 “real-life” New Year’s Eve infidelity stories below.

According to infidelity studies, 75% of people having affairs, are cheating with either co-workers or friends.  So the chances are high that your spouse or significant other is cheating with someone you know -- a neighbor, workmate, mutual acquaintance, or family friend.

If the cheater’s secret lover is someone in your social circle, the three of you could end up at the same New Year’s Eve party this year. If so, this gives you a golden opportunity to check things out.

If there’s something going on between your partner and someone else at the party, their body language and behavior will give them away. Stay alert; keep your eyes and ears open.  There’s no telling what you might see or hear. It could be something subtle as a look, a touch, a wink, a quick caress between the cheater and their lover.  Or something as brazen as making out or sneaking off for a quickie if they can find a secluded spot.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #1
Nadine stepped out on the deck for a breath of fresh air and found Bruce and another woman locked in a passionate embrace.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #2
At the neighborhood New Year’s Eve party, Trish discovered Vinnie and their hostess going at it hot and heavy in a guestroom on another floor.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #3
Brad overheard Erica thanking Dean for the beautiful ring he gave her for Christmas – the same ring Brad had questioned her about earlier, which Erica claimed to have bought for herself. See  6 After Christmas Signs of Infidelity that Can Expose a Cheating Mate  at

Be suspicious of any whispered conversations, unexplained absences, or mysterious errands the cheater must take care of around midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #4
On her way to the ladies room, Roxanne found Kyle in a hallway near the restrooms with his back to her, talking on his cell phone in hushed tones. He was leaving a voice mail message (obviously to another woman) telling her he loved her and he’d be thinking of her tonight when the New Year came in.

A cheater will always find a way to spend time with, or at least contact his or her lover on or around New Year’s Eve.  If this is not possible, the cheater will touch base with their affair partner at the first opportunity.   

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #5
Howard got caught e-mailing his mistress at 4 o’clock in the morning when he thought his wife was asleep.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #6
Amanda asked Jules to take her home early from the New Year’s Eve party because she wasn’t feeling well. What made Jules suspicious was the fact that during the 2½ years they’d been dating, he’d never known Amanda to be sick -- not even for a day. When he dropped Amanda at home, Jules offered to stay with her since she was feeling so bad, but Amanda insisted that she just wanted to be alone.  Because Jules had an uneasy feeling, he hung around for awhile, keeping out of sight. Sure enough, 20 minutes later, Amanda left her apartment, hailed a cab, and headed for points unknown.

Unfortunately, stories like these are all too common.

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Cheating Husband Exposed by Christmas Gift to Wife’s Best Friend

Christmas gifts can often alert an unsuspecting wife that her husband is having an affair. Usually it’s a gift the cheating husband buys for his mistress that gives him away. Such was the case in the real-life Christmas infidelity story below in which the mysterious disappearance of a hidden Christmas gift alerted this wife to the fact that her husband had been having an affair with her best friend.

NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

While searching for a missing glove in the closet, Kim came across a small elegantly wrapped Christmas gift in distinctive gold foil on the back of the closet shelf. Thinking she’d accidentally discovered one of Lance’s Christmas gifts to her, Kim returned the gift to its hiding place, and eagerly anticipated receiving it on Christmas Day.

However on Christmas Day, there was no small gold box among the gifts Kim received from her husband, so she asked him if he’d forgotten one of her gifts. Instead of going to the closet to retrieve the Kim had accidentally stumbled upon, Lance said he had no idea what she was talking about.  Kim confessed that she’d found the small gold-wrapped gift. But Lance insisted there was no such gift. So Kim went to the closet to get the gift, only to find that it was had mysteriously disappeared.  The gift  was no longer in it’s hiding place and it soon  became obvious that Lance had given the gift to someone else.  A heated argument ensued.

Kim angrily stormed out of the house and went to her girlfriend Regina’s apartment to tell her about the disappearing Christmas gift, hoping Regina could help her figure out what to do.  But Regina had guests when Kim arrived, so Kim couldn’t discuss her dilemma right away.

Meanwhile, was Regina proudly showing her guests the Christmas gifts she’d received, one of which was a very expensive watch from the new “mystery man” Regina had been dating for the past 3 months.  As Kim patiently waited to speak to Regina alone, something caught her eye. Among the pile of discarded gift wrap near Regina’s Christmas tree, was a small crumpled ball of familiar-looking gold foil. It appeared to be the same distinctive gold foil wrapping paper Kim had seen on the small box she found on the closet shelf.  Taking a second look at the box Regina’s watch came in, Kim was fairly certain the box was the same size.

Making an excuse, Kim abruptly left Regina’s apartment, deeply disturbed by the thoughts that were now running through her mind. It slowly dawned on Kim that her husband and her best friend were probably having an affair. The more Kim thought about the situation as she drove home, the more convinced she became that what she suspected was true.

Kim burst into the house and confronted Lance, saying, “ I just came from Regina’s. You gave her a watch for Christmas. How could you cheat on me with my best friend?”  Assuming that Regina had told Kim they were having an affair, Lance confessed. Kim put him out that very same night.  

It’s not uncommon for a wife to find evidence of her husband’s infidelity shortly after Christmas the same way Kim found out about Regina and Lance.

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If you or someone you know has a real life infidelity story to share, send it to  As with the real life infidelity story above, names and certain details will be changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

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