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How Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts Exposed 4 Cheating Mates

The real-life stories below show how Valentine’s Day gifts of jewelry alerted 3 wives that their husbands were having affairs.  NOTE:  Names and certain details have been change to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Carol’s Story

Shortly before Valentine’s Day, Carol found a Tiffany’s box in her husband’s dresser drawer containing a diamond and sapphire ring.   She said nothing about her discovery because she didn’t want to spoil her Valentine’s Day surprise.  However, on Valentine’s Day, Jim gave a dozen long stem roses from Jim and a gift card for a day of pampering at her favorite spa.  The next day Carol searched high and low but the Tiffany box with the ring was gone.  Carol was highly upset because she had no idea who Jim had given it to, but now her suspicions were aroused. Three weeks later, Carol dropped by Jim’s office to meet him for lunch.   She noticed one of the women he worked with wearing a ring just like the one she found in the Tiffany box prior to Valentine’s Day.  A bit of investigating on Carol’s part revealed that Jim and this woman were having a workplace affair.

Celine’s Story

Celine’s story is a bit different in that she found the receipt for the jewelry rather than the actual jewelry itself the week after Valentine’s Day.  While checking the pockets before dropping off her husband’s suit at the dry cleaners, Celine found a $446 jewelry store receipt in the pocket for a 14K gold and diamond heart-shaped pendant. Although Celine never found out who Kevin bought the Valentine’s pendant for, the fact that he spent that much $400 on a gift for another woman told her all she needed to know.

Lorraine’s Story
A few days after Valentine’s Day, while cleaning the bedroom, Lorraine found a crumpled jewelry store receipt on Logan’s nightstand. She was about to toss it in the garbage, when out of curiosity, she took a closer look. If it was the receipt for her Valentine’s Day gift from Logan, she wanted to see how much it cost. But the receipt was for something totally different from the heart-shaped diamond pendant Lorraine received. According to the jewelry receipt, Logan bought someone else an $800 diamond and ruby ring. Now Lorraine was determined to find out who Logan bought the ring for. 

Rodney’s Cheating Valentine Story

Shortly after Valentine’s Day, Rodney noticed Pat wearing a bracelet with several small gold heart-shaped charms. He complimented her on it and asked where she got it from. Pat told him she bought it for herself at a jewelry store that had an after-Valentine’s Day sale. But when Rodney questioned Pat further, she was vague about which jewelry store it came from and how much the bracelet cost.  A day or two later Rodney casually asked about it again and Pat  told him she’d misplaced the receipt. This made Rodney suspicious because Pat was very organized and always saved receipts long after they were needed. And she always knew exactly how much everything cost.  Several days later, Rodney finally managed to get a closer look at the bracelet which Pat left in her jewelry box when she went to the gym. Upon closer examination Rodney saw that each of the first 8 hearts had a single letter engraved on the back, which together spelled “I love you.” The 9th heart, slightly larger than the others, was engraved with the words “ Love,Ted 2008.”

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How Valentine’s Day Flowers Exposed 3 Extramarital Affairs

Flowers sent or received on Valentine’s Day can give cheating Valentines of both sexes awayThe “real life” stories below from my files show how three cheating mates (a woman and two men) were exposed by Valentine’s Day flowers in 3 very different ways.  NOTE:   Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Brianna’s Cheating Valentine Story

Love note mix-ups on Valentine’s Day flowers are responsible for the discovery of numerous extramarital affairs.  Sometimes if cheating husband buys Valentine’s Day flowers for his wife and his mistress from the same florist at the same time, the flowers may accidentally be delivered with the wrong love note attached. 

Brianna received a dozen long-stemmed roses from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. But the note that accompanied the flowers said:

“To my darling wife on Valentine’s Day,

You mean the world to me. Words could never express the depth of my love for you.

Your loving and devoted husband,

Charles and Brianna had been dating for several months, and Brianna was under the impression that Charles was a single man.  It came as quite a surprise for her to learn that Charles was a married man who was cheating on his wife.

Laura’s Cheating Valentine Story

Mix-ups with love notes aren’t the only way extramarital affairs are exposed on or around Valentine’s Day.   Sometimes it may be a florist receipt that gives the cheating husband away. It may indicate that more than one bouquet of Valentine’s flowers were sent.  Or the receipt may indicate that flowers were delivered to an unfamiliar female and actually show the mistresses’ name and address.

Laura found a florist receipt in her husband’s pocket while dropping his suit off at the dry cleaners. She was about to throw it away when she took a closer look.  According to the receipt, 2 sets of long stem roses were bought. Steve had personally given Laura a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, along with a card and a box of chocolates. The other long stem roses had been delivered to the woman whose name and address appeared on the florist receipt.   

Cliff’s Cheating Valentine Story

In the case of a cheating wife, her secret lover know to send her Valentine’s Day flowers to her job, instead of her home.  But sometimes even that can backfire as indicated by Cliff’s story below.   indicates the existence of an extramarital affair.

Cliff stopped by his wife’s job to take her out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner after work. While Cliff was waiting downstairs in the lobby for Kate to come down, two of her co-workers who knew him stopped to chat.  Both women complimented Cliff on the magnificent bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers he sent Kate.  One woman kept raving about what an unusual arrangement it was, and asked Cliff which florist he used. When she saw the expression on Cliff’s face, she realized she’d made an awful mistake. Cliff hadn’t sent Kate any flowers for Valentine’s Day. They were from the man Kate was seeing behind Cliff’s back.

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How 4 Wives Sabotaged Their Husband’s Plans on Mistress Day

Mistress Day is Monday, Feb. 13.  Cheating husbands usually celebrate with their mistresses on this day, because Valentine’s Day is reserved for their wife.  Below are brief “real-life” accounts taken from my files of how 4 wives cleverly sabotaged their cheating husband’s Mistress Day plans. NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Natalie’s Sabotage Story

Natalie found out her husband Wallace was planning to take his mistress out for a romantic lunch on Mistress Day.  Hoping that Wallace’s secretary made the reservation for two,  Natalie tricked her into telling her the name of the restaurant.   Natalie got there 15 minutes and asked to be seated at the table reserved in Wallace’s name.   She was sitting there sipping a glass of champagne when Wallace and his mistress arrived.

 “The look on his face was priceless,” said Natalie, “and so was the look on the face of his mistress when she asked Wallace ‘Who is this woman?’ and I told her I was Wallace’s wife.  Apparently he’d had led her to believe he was a single man.”

Tanya’s Sabotage Story

Tanya was quite proud of the way she sabotaged Derek’s Mistress Day plans. She’d heard  rumors that he was cheating on her, so Tanya tried to short circuit his affair by making sure she and Derek spent as much time as possible with each other.  Tanya’s plan seemed to be working because Derek told her he was taking Valentine’s Day off to spend the entire day with her as sort of a special “honeymoon holiday.”    But Tanya kept hearing rumors that Derek was also planning to some quality time with his alleged mistress on Feb. 13.

Tanya showed up unannounced at Derek’s job shortly before lunchtime on Mistress Day.  She told Derek that since he had a special Valentine’s Day planned for her, she was reciprocating with some special pre-Valentine’s Day surprises for him.  She started with the bottle of champagne she and Derek shared in his office before treating him to lunch at a nearby upscale restaurant. That killed any plans Derek may have had for a romantic lunch with his mistress that day.

Tanya said “I had all the bases covered in case he was planning to take her out after he got off from work that day.”  She met Derek again after work and treated him to dinner at another fancy restaurant before they went home that night.

Tanya continued,” There’s always the chance that he saw his sidepiece the day after Valentine’s Day, but he was with me all day long on Valentine’s Day.  But I gave it my best shot and the damage was already done.  Whoever he was seeing on the side, make no mistake about it, she knew which one of us was the priority in his life.”   

Andrea’s Sabotage Story

Craig promised to end his affair and cease all contact with his mistress.  Though Andrea had nothing to go on, she suspected Craig was still seeing the woman behind her back, despite his insistence that it wasn’t true.  When Craig told her he had a dinner meeting with important clients from out of town, the night before Valentine’s Day and that the meeting would probably run late, Andrea said she “smelled a rat.”   Whether it was a legitimate business dinner or a an excuse to wine and dine his mistress, she figured  Craig, a creature of habit, would  go to one of their 5 favorite restaurants. 

So the night of Feb. 13 so Andrea drove to each one until she spotted Craig’s car in the parking lot.  She went in, took a quick look around and saw Craig and his alleged “former” mistress having dinner.  Andrea got a table that gave her a good view of the two lovebirds, and ordered a drink and hors d'oeuvres. She managed to get a few pictures of Craig  and his mistress on her cell phone before leaving the restaurant unnoticed. She confronted Craig with those pictures when he got home that night.
Joanna’s Sabotage Story
Joanna had been collecting evidence of Ethan’s infidelity for several weeks, but his Mistress Day activities were the “icing on the cake.”  The private investigator she hired  took pictures of her husband and his  mistress having dinner together, then followed them  to a local motel where he was able to get a time-stamped video of the cheating Valentines entering the motel and cuddling together 4 hours later when they left.  Joanna had copies made of everything and mailed one set to her Ethan’s mistress, one set to Ethan at work, and one set to Ethan's family so they'd know why she was filing for divorce. 

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2 Real-Life Super Bowl Infidelity Stories

Many people are surprised to learn that the Super Bowl game can provide a cheating spouse or significant other with an alibi for infidelity.  However, my research shows that it’s not unusual for cheaters of both sexes to use what I call the “Super Bowl alibi” to cover up a lover’s tryst on Super Bowl Sunday.  Consider the 2 “real-life” Super Bowl infidelity accounts below taken from my files.  NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Real-Life Super Bowl Infidelity Story #1

Sheila found out weeks after the fact that her husband Doug lied to her about an alleged weekend trip to Atlanta with his male friends to watch the Super Bowl game.  Two weeks after the Super Bowl, Sheila happened to run into Marge, the wife of one of Doug’s close friends.  During the course of their conversation Marge mentioned how the guys raved about the chili  she made for their Super Bowl get-together at her place.   

Sheila questioned Marge about who was there on Super Bowl Sunday, but Marge only knew the names of the 3 men who arrived as she was leaving to go to her sister’s place.  Marge told Sheila she left the chili in the crock pot for the guys and went to sisters to stay with her 9-year-old niece, and 4-year-old twin nephews to give her sister, a single mom, a much-needed break.
Even though Sheila couldn’t establish for sure whether or not her husband was at Marge’s with the other men, the fact that  Doug’s friends remained that weekend instead of going to Atlanta  for the Super Bowl game, was enough to make Sheila suspicious.

A little snooping led Sheila to some tangible evidence which revealed where Doug had really been.  Among Doug’s papers, she found a receipt for a 3-day stay at a Las Vegas hotel for a “Mr. and Mrs. Marshall” with dates that match the dates of Super Bowl weekend. Sheila now had her proof.  Doug had lied to her about going to Atlanta with his friends for the Super bowl game.  Apparently he took another woman to Las Vegas instead.

If Sheila hadn’t bumped into Marge, she might never have known, or even suspected, what really transpired. Clearly she had been taken in by Doug’s Super Bowl alibi.

Real-Life Super Bowl Infidelity Story #2

Before the Super Bowl game started, Diana made sure Pete was comfortably settled  in his favorite chair with a cooler of beer nearby and a table laden with his favorite football snacks.  

Once the game got underway, Diana quietly left the apartment and took the elevator down to Leon’s apartment on the 6th floor.  She had been seeing him on the side for almost a year right under Pete’s nose and Pete never even had a clue.  Diana and Leon spent the next couple of hours together in bed.  Although neither one was a football fan, they were careful to keep the Super Bowl game playing in the background so Diana would know when it was time to leave.
The irony of the whole situation is that Pete was so engrossed in the game that he never even realized Diana was gone. 

How to Handle the “Super Bowl Alibi”

For the inside scoop on how men and women use the “Super Bowl alibi” and tips on what to do, see Is He Really Watching the Super Bowl with the Guys or Cheating on You?  and Is She Cheating on You While You Watch the Super Bowl Game? 
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How 2 Women Were Fooled by the Top 10 Signs of Infidelity

The top 10 signs of infidelity are highly unreliable when it comes to determining whether or not you have a cheating mate.  Jumping to conclusions based on the presence or absence of a mere 10 signs could prove to be a fatal mistake, as shown by the two “real-life” accounts below.
NOTE:  Names have been change to protect the identities of the individuals involved.
How Dana Almost Divorced an Innocent Man
For months Sal had been acting strangely. Fearing the worst, Dana wondered if Sal could be seeing another woman, so she searched the internet for a list of the top 10 signs of infidelity.
Much to Dana's dismay, Sal, displayed at least half the signs of infidelity on the top 10 list she found.
• Frequent, unaccounted for absences
• Unusual or unexplained charges on the credit card bill
• Suspicious phone behavior (hang-ups, whispered calls, calls taken in another room)
• Money missing from the bank account
• Coming home late from work
Fully convinced now that Sal was cheating on her, Dana was too embarrassed to discuss it with family or friends.  So she quietly found an attorney and made plans to file for a divorce.  Meanwhile, Dana requested a transfer to  one of her company’s branch office in another town, and secretly began laying the groundwork to relocate there in the next 6 months.
However, the following month, for their 10th anniversary, Sal surprised Dana with a lavish anniversary party which included 20 of their closest friends, and told Dana they were finally going on the Mediterranean cruise she’d always talked about.
The telltale signs Dana had mistaken for signs of infidelity were all related to Sal’s anniversary surprise.  He worked overtime to earn enough money to pay for the anniversary party and the cruise.  The “suspicious phone calls” were necessary to make the arrangements and keep them secret, so as not so spoil Dana’s anniversary surprise.    Fortunately, Dana found out the truth before any divorce papers were drawn up and served.  She could have made a terrible mistake.
Why Rachel Was the Last to Know
One day Steve came home from work and told Rachel he wanted a divorce. He confessed that he’d fallen in love with a woman he’d been seeing  on the side for the past year and a half, and she was now expecting his child.
Rachel was in complete shock. She was totally taken by surprise because Steve had never displayed any of the classic signs of infidelity.  So Rachel was the last to know.
Bewildered, totally traumatized, and desperate to understand how this could have happened behind her back, Rachel searched the Internet for answers.  She came across an infidelity book entitled Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs  which she immediately ordered since she was anxious to know what signs she could have possibly missed.

Before she had even gone a third of the way through the book, Rachel found dozens of subtle signs of infidelity she had actually seen, but never realized that they were indications that Steve was having an affair.  

As you can see from the two real-life stories above,  the so called “top 10 signs of infidelity – or lack thereof can be an extremely unreliable way to determine whether or not  you have a cheating mate.
Finding one or more of the classic signs of infidelity may not necessarily mean your partner is having an affair.

Not finding any of the classic signs of infidelity does not guarantee that you have a faithful mate.

Don let this happen to you.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

How 6 Cheaters Got Caught on New Year's Eve

If you think your mate is cheating on you, New Year’s Eve is a good time to confirm what you suspect, as indicated by the 6 “real-life” New Year’s Eve infidelity stories below.

According to infidelity studies, 75% of people having affairs, are cheating with either co-workers or friends.  So the chances are high that your spouse or significant other is cheating with someone you know -- a neighbor, workmate, mutual acquaintance, or family friend.

If the cheater’s secret lover is someone in your social circle, the three of you could end up at the same New Year’s Eve party this year. If so, this gives you a golden opportunity to check things out.

If there’s something going on between your partner and someone else at the party, their body language and behavior will give them away. Stay alert; keep your eyes and ears open.  There’s no telling what you might see or hear. It could be something subtle as a look, a touch, a wink, a quick caress between the cheater and their lover.  Or something as brazen as making out or sneaking off for a quickie if they can find a secluded spot.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #1
Nadine stepped out on the deck for a breath of fresh air and found Bruce and another woman locked in a passionate embrace.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #2
At the neighborhood New Year’s Eve party, Trish discovered Vinnie and their hostess going at it hot and heavy in a guestroom on another floor.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #3
Brad overheard Erica thanking Dean for the beautiful ring he gave her for Christmas – the same ring Brad had questioned her about earlier, which Erica claimed to have bought for herself. See  6 After Christmas Signs of Infidelity that Can Expose a Cheating Mate  at

Be suspicious of any whispered conversations, unexplained absences, or mysterious errands the cheater must take care of around midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #4
On her way to the ladies room, Roxanne found Kyle in a hallway near the restrooms with his back to her, talking on his cell phone in hushed tones. He was leaving a voice mail message (obviously to another woman) telling her he loved her and he’d be thinking of her tonight when the New Year came in.

A cheater will always find a way to spend time with, or at least contact his or her lover on or around New Year’s Eve.  If this is not possible, the cheater will touch base with their affair partner at the first opportunity.   

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #5
Howard got caught e-mailing his mistress at 4 o’clock in the morning when he thought his wife was asleep.

Real Life New Year’s Infidelity Story #6
Amanda asked Jules to take her home early from the New Year’s Eve party because she wasn’t feeling well. What made Jules suspicious was the fact that during the 2½ years they’d been dating, he’d never known Amanda to be sick -- not even for a day. When he dropped Amanda at home, Jules offered to stay with her since she was feeling so bad, but Amanda insisted that she just wanted to be alone.  Because Jules had an uneasy feeling, he hung around for awhile, keeping out of sight. Sure enough, 20 minutes later, Amanda left her apartment, hailed a cab, and headed for points unknown.

Unfortunately, stories like these are all too common.

For more tips on catching a cheater, see How to Catch Your Cheating Mate on New Year's Eve   at   

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Cheating Husband Exposed by Christmas Gift to Wife’s Best Friend

Christmas gifts can often alert an unsuspecting wife that her husband is having an affair. Usually it’s a gift the cheating husband buys for his mistress that gives him away. Such was the case in the real-life Christmas infidelity story below in which the mysterious disappearance of a hidden Christmas gift alerted this wife to the fact that her husband had been having an affair with her best friend.

NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

While searching for a missing glove in the closet, Kim came across a small elegantly wrapped Christmas gift in distinctive gold foil on the back of the closet shelf. Thinking she’d accidentally discovered one of Lance’s Christmas gifts to her, Kim returned the gift to its hiding place, and eagerly anticipated receiving it on Christmas Day.

However on Christmas Day, there was no small gold box among the gifts Kim received from her husband, so she asked him if he’d forgotten one of her gifts. Instead of going to the closet to retrieve the Kim had accidentally stumbled upon, Lance said he had no idea what she was talking about.  Kim confessed that she’d found the small gold-wrapped gift. But Lance insisted there was no such gift. So Kim went to the closet to get the gift, only to find that it was had mysteriously disappeared.  The gift  was no longer in it’s hiding place and it soon  became obvious that Lance had given the gift to someone else.  A heated argument ensued.

Kim angrily stormed out of the house and went to her girlfriend Regina’s apartment to tell her about the disappearing Christmas gift, hoping Regina could help her figure out what to do.  But Regina had guests when Kim arrived, so Kim couldn’t discuss her dilemma right away.

Meanwhile, was Regina proudly showing her guests the Christmas gifts she’d received, one of which was a very expensive watch from the new “mystery man” Regina had been dating for the past 3 months.  As Kim patiently waited to speak to Regina alone, something caught her eye. Among the pile of discarded gift wrap near Regina’s Christmas tree, was a small crumpled ball of familiar-looking gold foil. It appeared to be the same distinctive gold foil wrapping paper Kim had seen on the small box she found on the closet shelf.  Taking a second look at the box Regina’s watch came in, Kim was fairly certain the box was the same size.

Making an excuse, Kim abruptly left Regina’s apartment, deeply disturbed by the thoughts that were now running through her mind. It slowly dawned on Kim that her husband and her best friend were probably having an affair. The more Kim thought about the situation as she drove home, the more convinced she became that what she suspected was true.

Kim burst into the house and confronted Lance, saying, “ I just came from Regina’s. You gave her a watch for Christmas. How could you cheat on me with my best friend?”  Assuming that Regina had told Kim they were having an affair, Lance confessed. Kim put him out that very same night.  

It’s not uncommon for a wife to find evidence of her husband’s infidelity shortly after Christmas the same way Kim found out about Regina and Lance.

For more after-Christmas signs of infidelity, see 6 After-Christmas Signs of Infidelity That Can Expose a Cheating Mate at   

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