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How Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts Exposed 4 Cheating Mates

The real-life stories below show how Valentine’s Day gifts of jewelry alerted 3 wives that their husbands were having affairs.  NOTE:  Names and certain details have been change to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Carol’s Story

Shortly before Valentine’s Day, Carol found a Tiffany’s box in her husband’s dresser drawer containing a diamond and sapphire ring.   She said nothing about her discovery because she didn’t want to spoil her Valentine’s Day surprise.  However, on Valentine’s Day, Jim gave a dozen long stem roses from Jim and a gift card for a day of pampering at her favorite spa.  The next day Carol searched high and low but the Tiffany box with the ring was gone.  Carol was highly upset because she had no idea who Jim had given it to, but now her suspicions were aroused. Three weeks later, Carol dropped by Jim’s office to meet him for lunch.   She noticed one of the women he worked with wearing a ring just like the one she found in the Tiffany box prior to Valentine’s Day.  A bit of investigating on Carol’s part revealed that Jim and this woman were having a workplace affair.

Celine’s Story

Celine’s story is a bit different in that she found the receipt for the jewelry rather than the actual jewelry itself the week after Valentine’s Day.  While checking the pockets before dropping off her husband’s suit at the dry cleaners, Celine found a $446 jewelry store receipt in the pocket for a 14K gold and diamond heart-shaped pendant. Although Celine never found out who Kevin bought the Valentine’s pendant for, the fact that he spent that much $400 on a gift for another woman told her all she needed to know.

Lorraine’s Story
A few days after Valentine’s Day, while cleaning the bedroom, Lorraine found a crumpled jewelry store receipt on Logan’s nightstand. She was about to toss it in the garbage, when out of curiosity, she took a closer look. If it was the receipt for her Valentine’s Day gift from Logan, she wanted to see how much it cost. But the receipt was for something totally different from the heart-shaped diamond pendant Lorraine received. According to the jewelry receipt, Logan bought someone else an $800 diamond and ruby ring. Now Lorraine was determined to find out who Logan bought the ring for. 

Rodney’s Cheating Valentine Story

Shortly after Valentine’s Day, Rodney noticed Pat wearing a bracelet with several small gold heart-shaped charms. He complimented her on it and asked where she got it from. Pat told him she bought it for herself at a jewelry store that had an after-Valentine’s Day sale. But when Rodney questioned Pat further, she was vague about which jewelry store it came from and how much the bracelet cost.  A day or two later Rodney casually asked about it again and Pat  told him she’d misplaced the receipt. This made Rodney suspicious because Pat was very organized and always saved receipts long after they were needed. And she always knew exactly how much everything cost.  Several days later, Rodney finally managed to get a closer look at the bracelet which Pat left in her jewelry box when she went to the gym. Upon closer examination Rodney saw that each of the first 8 hearts had a single letter engraved on the back, which together spelled “I love you.” The 9th heart, slightly larger than the others, was engraved with the words “ Love,Ted 2008.”

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