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How Valentine’s Day Flowers Exposed 3 Extramarital Affairs

Flowers sent or received on Valentine’s Day can give cheating Valentines of both sexes awayThe “real life” stories below from my files show how three cheating mates (a woman and two men) were exposed by Valentine’s Day flowers in 3 very different ways.  NOTE:   Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Brianna’s Cheating Valentine Story

Love note mix-ups on Valentine’s Day flowers are responsible for the discovery of numerous extramarital affairs.  Sometimes if cheating husband buys Valentine’s Day flowers for his wife and his mistress from the same florist at the same time, the flowers may accidentally be delivered with the wrong love note attached. 

Brianna received a dozen long-stemmed roses from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. But the note that accompanied the flowers said:

“To my darling wife on Valentine’s Day,

You mean the world to me. Words could never express the depth of my love for you.

Your loving and devoted husband,

Charles and Brianna had been dating for several months, and Brianna was under the impression that Charles was a single man.  It came as quite a surprise for her to learn that Charles was a married man who was cheating on his wife.

Laura’s Cheating Valentine Story

Mix-ups with love notes aren’t the only way extramarital affairs are exposed on or around Valentine’s Day.   Sometimes it may be a florist receipt that gives the cheating husband away. It may indicate that more than one bouquet of Valentine’s flowers were sent.  Or the receipt may indicate that flowers were delivered to an unfamiliar female and actually show the mistresses’ name and address.

Laura found a florist receipt in her husband’s pocket while dropping his suit off at the dry cleaners. She was about to throw it away when she took a closer look.  According to the receipt, 2 sets of long stem roses were bought. Steve had personally given Laura a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, along with a card and a box of chocolates. The other long stem roses had been delivered to the woman whose name and address appeared on the florist receipt.   

Cliff’s Cheating Valentine Story

In the case of a cheating wife, her secret lover know to send her Valentine’s Day flowers to her job, instead of her home.  But sometimes even that can backfire as indicated by Cliff’s story below.   indicates the existence of an extramarital affair.

Cliff stopped by his wife’s job to take her out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner after work. While Cliff was waiting downstairs in the lobby for Kate to come down, two of her co-workers who knew him stopped to chat.  Both women complimented Cliff on the magnificent bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers he sent Kate.  One woman kept raving about what an unusual arrangement it was, and asked Cliff which florist he used. When she saw the expression on Cliff’s face, she realized she’d made an awful mistake. Cliff hadn’t sent Kate any flowers for Valentine’s Day. They were from the man Kate was seeing behind Cliff’s back.

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