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How 4 Wives Sabotaged Their Husband’s Plans on Mistress Day

Mistress Day is Monday, Feb. 13.  Cheating husbands usually celebrate with their mistresses on this day, because Valentine’s Day is reserved for their wife.  Below are brief “real-life” accounts taken from my files of how 4 wives cleverly sabotaged their cheating husband’s Mistress Day plans. NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Natalie’s Sabotage Story

Natalie found out her husband Wallace was planning to take his mistress out for a romantic lunch on Mistress Day.  Hoping that Wallace’s secretary made the reservation for two,  Natalie tricked her into telling her the name of the restaurant.   Natalie got there 15 minutes and asked to be seated at the table reserved in Wallace’s name.   She was sitting there sipping a glass of champagne when Wallace and his mistress arrived.

 “The look on his face was priceless,” said Natalie, “and so was the look on the face of his mistress when she asked Wallace ‘Who is this woman?’ and I told her I was Wallace’s wife.  Apparently he’d had led her to believe he was a single man.”

Tanya’s Sabotage Story

Tanya was quite proud of the way she sabotaged Derek’s Mistress Day plans. She’d heard  rumors that he was cheating on her, so Tanya tried to short circuit his affair by making sure she and Derek spent as much time as possible with each other.  Tanya’s plan seemed to be working because Derek told her he was taking Valentine’s Day off to spend the entire day with her as sort of a special “honeymoon holiday.”    But Tanya kept hearing rumors that Derek was also planning to some quality time with his alleged mistress on Feb. 13.

Tanya showed up unannounced at Derek’s job shortly before lunchtime on Mistress Day.  She told Derek that since he had a special Valentine’s Day planned for her, she was reciprocating with some special pre-Valentine’s Day surprises for him.  She started with the bottle of champagne she and Derek shared in his office before treating him to lunch at a nearby upscale restaurant. That killed any plans Derek may have had for a romantic lunch with his mistress that day.

Tanya said “I had all the bases covered in case he was planning to take her out after he got off from work that day.”  She met Derek again after work and treated him to dinner at another fancy restaurant before they went home that night.

Tanya continued,” There’s always the chance that he saw his sidepiece the day after Valentine’s Day, but he was with me all day long on Valentine’s Day.  But I gave it my best shot and the damage was already done.  Whoever he was seeing on the side, make no mistake about it, she knew which one of us was the priority in his life.”   

Andrea’s Sabotage Story

Craig promised to end his affair and cease all contact with his mistress.  Though Andrea had nothing to go on, she suspected Craig was still seeing the woman behind her back, despite his insistence that it wasn’t true.  When Craig told her he had a dinner meeting with important clients from out of town, the night before Valentine’s Day and that the meeting would probably run late, Andrea said she “smelled a rat.”   Whether it was a legitimate business dinner or a an excuse to wine and dine his mistress, she figured  Craig, a creature of habit, would  go to one of their 5 favorite restaurants. 

So the night of Feb. 13 so Andrea drove to each one until she spotted Craig’s car in the parking lot.  She went in, took a quick look around and saw Craig and his alleged “former” mistress having dinner.  Andrea got a table that gave her a good view of the two lovebirds, and ordered a drink and hors d'oeuvres. She managed to get a few pictures of Craig  and his mistress on her cell phone before leaving the restaurant unnoticed. She confronted Craig with those pictures when he got home that night.
Joanna’s Sabotage Story
Joanna had been collecting evidence of Ethan’s infidelity for several weeks, but his Mistress Day activities were the “icing on the cake.”  The private investigator she hired  took pictures of her husband and his  mistress having dinner together, then followed them  to a local motel where he was able to get a time-stamped video of the cheating Valentines entering the motel and cuddling together 4 hours later when they left.  Joanna had copies made of everything and mailed one set to her Ethan’s mistress, one set to Ethan at work, and one set to Ethan's family so they'd know why she was filing for divorce. 

© copyright Ruth Houston 2017 

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