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2 Real-Life Super Bowl Infidelity Stories

Many people are surprised to learn that the Super Bowl game can provide a cheating spouse or significant other with an alibi for infidelity.  However, my research shows that it’s not unusual for cheaters of both sexes to use what I call the “Super Bowl alibi” to cover up a lover’s tryst on Super Bowl Sunday.  Consider the 2 “real-life” Super Bowl infidelity accounts below taken from my files.  NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Real-Life Super Bowl Infidelity Story #1

Sheila found out weeks after the fact that her husband Doug lied to her about an alleged weekend trip to Atlanta with his male friends to watch the Super Bowl game.  Two weeks after the Super Bowl, Sheila happened to run into Marge, the wife of one of Doug’s close friends.  During the course of their conversation Marge mentioned how the guys raved about the chili  she made for their Super Bowl get-together at her place.   

Sheila questioned Marge about who was there on Super Bowl Sunday, but Marge only knew the names of the 3 men who arrived as she was leaving to go to her sister’s place.  Marge told Sheila she left the chili in the crock pot for the guys and went to sisters to stay with her 9-year-old niece, and 4-year-old twin nephews to give her sister, a single mom, a much-needed break.
Even though Sheila couldn’t establish for sure whether or not her husband was at Marge’s with the other men, the fact that  Doug’s friends remained that weekend instead of going to Atlanta  for the Super Bowl game, was enough to make Sheila suspicious.

A little snooping led Sheila to some tangible evidence which revealed where Doug had really been.  Among Doug’s papers, she found a receipt for a 3-day stay at a Las Vegas hotel for a “Mr. and Mrs. Marshall” with dates that match the dates of Super Bowl weekend. Sheila now had her proof.  Doug had lied to her about going to Atlanta with his friends for the Super bowl game.  Apparently he took another woman to Las Vegas instead.

If Sheila hadn’t bumped into Marge, she might never have known, or even suspected, what really transpired. Clearly she had been taken in by Doug’s Super Bowl alibi.

Real-Life Super Bowl Infidelity Story #2

Before the Super Bowl game started, Diana made sure Pete was comfortably settled  in his favorite chair with a cooler of beer nearby and a table laden with his favorite football snacks.  

Once the game got underway, Diana quietly left the apartment and took the elevator down to Leon’s apartment on the 6th floor.  She had been seeing him on the side for almost a year right under Pete’s nose and Pete never even had a clue.  Diana and Leon spent the next couple of hours together in bed.  Although neither one was a football fan, they were careful to keep the Super Bowl game playing in the background so Diana would know when it was time to leave.
The irony of the whole situation is that Pete was so engrossed in the game that he never even realized Diana was gone. 

How to Handle the “Super Bowl Alibi”

For the inside scoop on how men and women use the “Super Bowl alibi” and tips on what to do, see Is He Really Watching the Super Bowl with the Guys or Cheating on You?  and Is She Cheating on You While You Watch the Super Bowl Game? 
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